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You’re About To Discover a little known secret for producing a flood of content that will attract people and make them want to buy what you are selling...

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Teresa Harding is an Internationally acclaimed speaker, Entrepreneur, and Business Strategist. Her company, Digital Millionaire Speed Systems, helps Coaches, Consultants, Authors, and Course Creators grow and scale highly profitable online businesses. She helps her clients get profitable results faster.

Teresa has built and is the CEO of her own billion dollar business, with customers and sales teams in over 61 countries. Her company has been consistently generating over a billion dollars in sales annually with millions of customers around the world.

I know the excuses. I know the setbacks. I've been through them all. Whether it's a case of imposter syndrome threatening to stop your career in it's tracks, or you just don't know where to start; I've been through it, I've worked past it, and I've got your back! Join The Challenge and let me help you take the next step!

Join The Challenge

Challenge The Status Quo

It is the challenges of life that make us a champion. Step up to the challenges. 


5 Day Commitment

1-2 hrs per day for 5 days. Get immersed in the process.

Final Result

More And Better Content

Level up by making more quality content quickly by the end of class.

This Class Is For

Coaches & Consultants etc.

Beginner or advanced, this class will level you up.

Do you know what it takes to make $1,000,000 ??? It's simple, Just find a job with a $40,000 Salary and then work there for 25 years.... 
Of course, after you account for taxes and living expenses, you would have spent those 25 years living mostly paycheck to paycheck, but hey, you made a million dollars, right?? 

If you are anything like me, that scenario doesn't sound very appealing. But so what.....?  

SO...... my point is that speed is inseparable from success in life. You could earn $1,000,000 over the next 25 years and have nothing to show for it. Or you could earn the same amount of money in the next 12 months and change your life forever. 
Collapse Time Frames
In my career, I've mastered the art of collapsing time frames. 

Taking tasks that are "supposed to" take months

And Learning how to complete them in weeks

Or even days

I know the natural response to what I'm saying 

"She must be cutting corners" 

"Her work must not be high quality"

Well, to but it bluntly, you're wrong 

Join The Content Creation Challenge!

I will help you recognize the limiting beliefs that you are carrying

And  work past them

So you can create high quality content 

In Record Setting Time Frames
There Are No Speed Limits On The Road To Success...
Don't Let anyone tell you otherwise !!!
Transform the way you create content
Learn To LOVE Making Content!
During this 5-day Challenge, learn the concept Teresa Harding calls Millionaire Speed Systems.  These  are the concepts Teresa uses to create content at speeds that seem impossible. This Challenge meets you where you are and pushes your skills to new heights.
Learn to make precise, profitable and even premium content through a proven content process that I have used  and have coached my students to use, resulting in over a billion dollars in sales, one piece of content at a time.
Improve your skills & confidence through in depth training sessions, projects, & Q & A/feedback sessions.
It is my world class content, being presented as an opportunity to you. DON'T MISS OUT!!
Day 1: Content Science
On the first day,  you will now learn to identify quality content 
  •  Content Science - What Separates The Best From The Rest
  •  Quality vs. Quantity    
  • Create Quality Content , every time
Day 2: Content Strategies
On the second day, you will now understand why people will buy and when you will sell your content.
  •  Content Strategies - Why People Buy Or They Fly
  •  Prepare Your Content    
  • Position Your Content   
  •  Preframe Your Content
Day 3: Content Scripts
On the third day, you will now know how to have the perfect conversation around your content offer.
  • Content Scripts - What To say And How To Say It
  •  Make Sure Your Content Is Measurable 
  •  Make Sure Your Content Is Desirable      
Day 4: Systemization
On the fourth day, you will learn to create systems for creating your Content.
  •  Content Systems - They Will Make You Or Break You!
  •  Lead Generation Offers
  • Core Product Offers       
  •  Premium Value Offers  
Day 5: Content Success Stack
On the fifth day, you will know how to predict winning offers.
  • Offer Stack - What Makes Your Content Irresistible
  •  It Eliminates Pain             
  • It Expands Pleasure        
  •  It Exposes Possibilities 
5 days. perfectly structured.
A New Kind Of Challenge
I know what you are probably thinking. "Oh brother, not another sales pitch disguised as a challenge"! Well, you're right. It's not another sales pitch disguised as a challenge, it is the most comprehensive, yet simple to understand 5 day training designed to help you understand content so well that your prospects will thank you for making the offer! 

Have you ever made premium content with a premium price and had clients thanking you in tears for making the content and giving them a chance to buy it from you? If you haven't then you have a lot to learn about creating, conveying and converting content. 

You Can Step Up To The Challenge

There Are Two Ways. Heres How:

General Admission

July 26th - 30th

12:00pm-1:00pm EST

Yes, I'm IN!


VIP Experience

July 26th - 30th

11:00am-1:00 pm EST

Yes, I'm IN!


  • Via Live Challenge Times: Mon-Fri July 26th-30th
  • ​Recordings Available For A Limited Time After Live Sessions

General Admission Experience

Here's What You Get...

  •  5 Days Of Content Creation Training With Expert Teresa Harding
  • Access To Content Creation FB Group
  •  Prosperity Mindset Makeover
  • ​How To Overcome Obstructions and Obliterate Opposition  
  • ​Organize Your Offer To Attract Your Audience
  • ​How To Market Anything To Anyone

VIP Experience

Here's What You Get...

  •  5 Days Of Content Creation Training With Expert Teresa Harding
  • Access To Content Creation FB Group
  • ​Prosperity Mindset Makeover
  • ​​How To Overcome Obstructions and Obliterate Opposition
  • ​Organize Your Offer To Attract Your Audience
  • ​How To Market Anything To Anyone
  • ​Daily VIP Post Game Via Zoom Q&A Plus High Level Coaching For Your Current Offers
still have questions? here are some answers
Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Who is this class for?
Authors, Course Creators, Coaches and Entrepreneurs with products and services they would like to sell more of. If you are a course creator, coach or speaker looking to reach your maximum potential in business, then this class is for you.

Q: Who is this class not for?
Wantrepreneurs and business opportunity seekers. This class is not a shiny object to be added to your collection of courses, books and videos that you still have never gone through. If you are curious about business but not serious, please don't waste your money or our time. 
Q: How much is the training?
There are 2 ways to participate in The Content Creation Challenge. The General Admission Experience is only $97 and the VIP Experience is only $297 for the exclusive VIP ticket Zoom pre-game show with Q&A and VIP Coaching with Expert Teresa Harding
Q: Are the challenge classes live?
Yes, classes will be live. Although the classes will be live and recorded you won't be able to purchase the recordings so you will need to watch the challenge live or watch the recordings for the limited time they will be posted in the Facebook group (the recordings will be live in the Facebook group until Sunday night August 1st at 11:59pm. At that time they will be permanently removed. 
Q: How does the 5 day challenge work?
Each day we will have a morning training complete with a Q&A session in the evening that way you are encouraged to complete the tasks within the window provided and ask questions in the evening should you have any.
Q: Will I get direct feedback from Teresa?
Yes, if you have the VIP Experience you will have live Q & A' s daily where you can ask anything covered in the challenge. If you have General Admission you will have the ability to listen to the Q&A but not to ask questions directly. But your questions will more than likely be asked by someone in the VIP Experience.

Become A Content Making Machine And Create Some Content Magic...

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